what makes red vines addictive…

I bought a tub of goodness called Red Vines the other day. What’s in those little tubular things that I cannot eat just one, they are addictive. First of all, they can be turned into straws for your favorite beverage. Whether it’s a soda or your favorite beer, I had it recently with New Belgium’s Ranger and to be honest it was good. Growing up it was Mr. Pibb and Red Vine straws. How cool is that? By now you are saying, um… What’s this have to do with cycling? Second, they taste great, well the key is to keep them fresh, stale Red Vines are gross, although the thought that comes to mind is to let the kids use them as Lincoln Logs. For over ninety years American Licorice Company in Union City, California has been crafting this delectable candy for mainly movie theaters. Originally Rasberry flavored, Red Vines took a tweak to the recipe in 1952 to make the flavor we know today. Now wait, Kurt, cycling? Quick run down on these bad boys, fat free, always, the package says. 140 calories a serving, which is five ropes, in that are 20mg of Sodium, 34g of Total Carbs, 16g are Sugar, yum, corn syrup. Corn syrup is not good for you but here’s a challenge. Next time you are at the grocery store find something without corn in it. I have eaten too many of these things, I need to go for a ride.

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