My job is sometimes very cool.

Like Michael, I too have been out of town for a few days and although internet access wasn’t a problem, the number of hours in a day was.

The downsides in this three day shoot in Manchester include hectic 13-15 hour days, no bike riding, no exercise besides being on my feet for long hours, spending all day in a very hot room, eating sporadically and getting trapped between floors in a hotel elevator for 45 minutes at night.

Highlights of the shoot were meeting and working with some lovely people from adidas, stretching my skill set beyond what I thought I was capable of, conducting a 2 hour interview with Sir Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton; the King and Queen of track cycling, filming said track cyclists while they train with the rest of Team GB at Manchester Velodrome, having a private 2 hour track session one evening with only myself and my boss riding on the track, and after all that, being given a free miCoach Zone by a very happy adidas client at the end of it all.

I’d say the highlights won over the downsides pretty easily.

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