crank brothers shoe shields review

I am a big crank brothers pedal fan and have been for some time. The main reason is for their light weight and during the winter months they shed mud like non-other. My only qualm I have had was the impact they have to the sole of your shoe.  You can see from the right shoe, the divits the pedal creates and can cause your shoe to float more than you want while clipped in. I came across crank brothers shoe shields from crank brothers themselves. Stated for carbon soled shoes (but work well for all types), these stainless steel goodies weigh in about 8g a pair and are super simple to install. Simply put, remove your cleats place the shoe shield in between and bolt your cleats back on. They can’t be any simpler. You can see from the photo their approximate size. I’ve been riding with these installed now for several rides and notice the difference. They support your pedal stroke by dispersing the energy through its footprint as opposed to just the rails your shoe sits on when you don’t have the shields. One note which is the fault of my own, since I waited to long to install the shields, the divits I have a pretty deep and the shields have bent into them. So recommendation is to purchase a new set when new shoes are purchased or shortly there after. I highly recommend the shoe shields and since you are there, if your cleats are really worn, go ahead and replace them. Special order at your local bike shop or browse the web for your favorite shop, eBay is where I landed.

  1. #1 by espertron on September 15, 2010 - 6:57 am

    Egg beaters are awesome. I rock a set of those puppies on 3 out of 4 bikes. I don't really need the mud clearance because I hardly ever ride the mountain bike, but on my road bike they look great and weigh 167g, which is nothing. The downside is i have to ride with MTB shoes, I'm yet to find an affordable, good looking pair of road shoes with the correct bolt pattern on the sole.

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