king ridge

Tomorrow morning it’s up at 3:00 to drive to Santa Rosa for Levi’s GranFondo. Sam tweeted this at me and two things jumped out, summarizing my memories of the fabled King Ridge:

Ron Keifel characterized it as “a death march…”


Although there are several more significant climbs ahead, for the most part now, we’re riding along the ridgeline, with views off one side or the other. At one point, the road tiptoes along a spine of ridge just a few feet wider than the narrow road. There are panoramic views off both sides of the road at once: to the west, out over the far, blue Pacific, and to the east, spanning rank on rank of empty, serried hills. Sometimes we’re riding through woods of redwood, oak, and bay laurel, and sometimes we’re crossing open meadows of waving grass. Every inch of this ride is beautiful, but up on the ridgeline, the vistas are so stunning, so transcendent, even the most hardened hammerheads slow down and gaze in awe. This is it: purest bike heaven. This is why we ride.

Here’s the “death march” as we’ll see it tomorrow – just add 3000 cyclists.

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