on California

Californians are gentle and courteous drivers. At every intersection they have four stop signs, and they respect them, giving the right of way to the first one there (who isn’t necessarily the first to arrive). As soon as they see a pedestrian they jam on the brakes with a smile and let him cross. But, simply put, they hate cyclists. You’d swear they were aiming at them. It’s true that nothing in the California Highway Code tells them they shouldn’t run them down. And it’s also true that the tough guys and gals who survive on the San Francisco hills are real virtuosos. Be that as it may, my very first week there I found myself on the ground twice, once thanks to a driver who almost didn’t see me, and another time thanks to a bus driver who had seen me quite well…

From Paul Fournel’s Need for the Bike. via 1 girl + 2 wheels

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