Shutt Velo Rapide Signature Sportive

Shutt Velo Rapide is a fairly new company out of England that strives “to create their own brand of well designed, high quality cycling garments in Sportwool that do not cost a fortune,” which might as well be paraphrased as, create quality jerseys so we don’t have to give all our money to those guys at Rapha.
After reaching out to the good folks at Shutt VR I was able to get my hands on one of their Signature Sportive jerseys.
The Signature Sportive is a summer jersey made of high quality sport wool. It has three good sized pockets in the back and one small zipper pocket that, unlike other jersey’s I’ve owned, fits my iPhone perfectly. I haven’t had a chance to wear it on a ride yet but will be testing it for a few weeks and posting a thorough review once I’ve put in a few miles in it, but in the “wear around the house test” the jersey fits well with a slim but somewhat relaxed cut that will make a recreational cyclist like myself look a little less like wanna-be pro.
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