Musette is French for Man Purse?

Instead of a little plastic bag stuffed with even smaller disposable goods, this year’s swag bag at Levi’s Gran Fondo was a musette bag that, after returning home went into my closet and was quickly forgotten.

The bag hung on my tie rack, waiting, like all the ties, for an excuse to be used or the inevitable final trip to Goodwill. It hung, forgotten, until I met Sam and Sera for coffee a day or so before Sera was due to return to England. Sera had discovered Sam’s musette and was using carrying it like so many other women carry purses.

So, once our Levi was born and I found myself at home for several weeks in charge of shuttling our 2-year-old to and from her many scheduled activities I realized the musette was the perfect size for a diaper, a couple of wipes, maybe some toys and all the crap I usually carry in my pockets.

I don’t carry the bag everywhere, only when I’m forced to carry more than might fit in my pockets, and it’s probably not the best bag for people who like to be more organized than just throwing everything into a bag with no pockets, but it works when I need it. The bag is less bulky than a traditional diaper bag and holds a lot more than one might think, so, yes, it’s rapidly turning into my purse.

  1. #1 by Sera on November 27, 2010 - 11:31 am

    Haha awesome, good on you. I saw that bag stashed in with Sam’s re-usable shopping bags and immediately coveted it. I didn’t really give him a choice so much as claim it – sorry Sam. But you’ll be glad to hear it hasn’t had a day off yet. Musettes are the way forward. The unisex-small-items-portage-unit of choice.

    • #2 by Sam on November 27, 2010 - 11:45 am

      I wish I had purchased that tiny Nepalese woven bag at the store in Santa Cruz. Perfect for me: six inches by four inches – big enough for the two items I always carry, my keys and wallet, but which I cannot fit in my jeans pockets (I tend to sport particularly snug jeans). Even at the time I knew I’d regret not buying it.

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