The Psychology of a Crash

I can say that after my “big” crash (at around mile 51 of a century) I didn’t swear off riding but I definitely ride differently now (especially on descents and doubly so in the rain).

Yet almost no one swears off running after an injury, even though — and I speak from experience — a running injury can keep you away from your sport at least as long. And that made me wonder: is a cycling injury qualitatively different from a running injury? Is it the drama of a crash, or is it that a crash makes you realize you could actually be killed on a bike? Is it the type of injury? Or the fact that you can feel, as I did, that the accident was unfair and out of your control?


  1. #1 by Andrew Simone on December 2, 2010 - 2:30 pm

    I had a friend break his collar bone and he stills rides his brakeless fixie around the city. But, then, he is one of the best cyclists, I know.

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