South Fork American River Trail

The South Fork American River Trail is the latest trail in El Dorado County that opened the beginning of October this year. You can start the ride from El Dorado Hills (Salmon Falls), Coloma (Magnolia Ranch) or Pilot Hill (Cronan Ranch). Today the ride begins out from the Salmon Falls bridge to the east side of Salmon Falls Road crossing Acorn Creek on a newly constructed bridge. The trail zig zags up the canyon about 1.3 miles from about 450′ to about 930′ above sea level and by mile two, you hit about 1000′. You continue to meander through old Oak growths, Manzanita bushes and depending on the time of year lush green grass. The views are awesome and at times the need to stop for a photo opt will call you. Riding the trail provides a great climbing cross-country routine. The surface of the trail is smooth without technical rock gardens. Equestrians are not allowed but once you enter into Cronan Ranch, you will need to be mindful of the horses. It is recommended to stop riding, communicate with the rider and typically speak calmly to the horse and allow for them to pass. This is just good riding etiquette. I would highly recommend this trail, get out and ride! Happy trails!


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