Mountain bikers are still unwelcome on many L.A. trails

Can’t we all just get along? If we can move past pointing the fingers of who impacts the trails the most and work together on sharing and up keeping the trails, we can all enjoy them together. LA continues to struggle with this as LA Times writes,

“In the months before city planners finished the draft bicycle plan, a consultant tried unsuccessfully to find middle ground between equestrian and mountain bike representatives.

Many hikers and equestrians assert that mountain biking poses two main problems: danger to cyclists and others on the trail and the potential for trail damage.”

I know there is always one extremist in every bunch and I have experienced it first hand. Is it hard to stop, take a moment and let an equestrian pass or to allow a hiker pass safely on a tight single track? I enjoy bombing down the trail also, but if it were another cyclist coming the other direction would it be different? In the greater Sacramento area there are numerous multi-use trails and for the most part everyone gets along. Being involved with your local trail advocacy group or bike club, you can do your part for trail care and outreach. Be a cycling advocate every time you cross trails with a hiker or equestrian, stop, say hi, communicate, we are all out there enjoying being outdoors together. Show up to a trail care event, if you live in the greater Sacramento area, check out FATRAC, (Folsom – Auburn Trail Riders Action Coalition), get involved, participate, impact!

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