2011 (Day 22) | Miles 205 – 239

Yesterday’s ride put me on track to exceed my 2011 mileage goal – which really doesn’t mean anything this early in the year, I know.

Oh, the goal! 3,650 miles or an average of 10 miles a day. And, I know what you’re thinking, “10 miles a freaking day! Holy crap, you maniac. That’s some pro-tour peloton type training.” Or something along those lines, I’m sure.

So yesterday, I put myself on track. If you read this blog, ever, you probably know that this was my third day in a row riding the famed, on this blog anyway, Beatty loop. My legs were a little sluggish as I started out and things were all uphill from there…

At least I’m on track now. Of course, I’m guessing at least two days before I’m back on the bike.

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