Sacramento ponders Ciclovia

Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates (SABA), along with Sacramento City Councilmen Jay Schenirer and Steve Cohn are considering whether to instigate a local Ciclovia for the city, providing an annual day in which cars are restricted from using city streets in favor of bikes.

Many major cities in the US, including New York, Portland, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami and San Francisco already host a Ciclovia, usually on a Sunday, to prevent major traffic disruption. In Sacramento, advocates are trying to determine which areas of downtown would be ideal for such an event. Suggestions have included Broadway, Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, and Freeport Blvd. These major thoroughfares would provide adequate space for cyclists, skaters and pedestrians, and would offer benefits to retailers in the form of increased recreational traffic.

Sacramento adopted May as Bike Month several years ago, to promote and encourage cycling as a viable and sustainable form of transportation in the capital. Councilmen and cycling advocates in the city have therefore proposed that the Ciclovia ought to take place in May, to coincide with the increase in cycling-awareness.

While budget restrictions in the capital might prove a major stumbling block to plans for the Ciclovia, Schenirer remained positive about the possibility of such an event creating interest in cycling-oriented city-planning in the future:

“It could provide a catalyst effect for a broader citywide discussion,” he said.

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