Light & Motion

A good while ago, maybe 5 years or so, I invested in a bike light for commuting to work from out of town, out in the sticks where there’s no street lights. In the depths of winter here it’s dark by 4pm, so I needed something that would spare me the repeated pinch punctures I’d been suffering as a result of the frost-induced pot holes.

At the same time though, cost was an issue, and it was no small thing for me to fork out £125 (about $200) on a bike accessory. I went with the fully waterproof Light & Motion Solo, a small halogen lamp with a huge bright flood, and a hefty rechargeable battery pack which velcroed onto the bike frame. Unfortunately, after a year or two, the button mechanism failed, but my local bike shop replaced the light with no questions asked.

In fact, they replaced it with a different light, at my request – the Light & Motion Vega. This was an LED lamp, an all-in-one sealed unit with no trailing wires. Not quite as bright but still plenty enough for my 10 mile commute.

At some point while moving flats 3 times in the space of 2 years, I misplaced the handlebar mount for my light, rendering it useless. I forgot about it for a long while since living in town now my commute is fully street-lit and only about half a mile in distance, but still, what a waste of a light! No night riding for me then.

Since then, Light & Motion have discontinued that version of the Vega with something smaller, sleeker and no doubt brighter, but that was little comfort to me as I’m not in the habit of frequently buying expensive bike lights. So a couple of months ago I emailed Light & Motion’s customer service on the off-chance I could buy a new handlebar mount, and a nice chap got back to me super fast, although with the not so great news that they were all out of stock on the parts for the old Vega lights. Nonetheless he asked for my address and said he’s do his best to find one, and sure enough, a couple of months later, not only has he found one completely unused, he’s sent it to me without charge.

So if you’re in the market for a bike light, I know there’s more choice out there than there was 5 years ago, but consider getting one made my Light & Motion. They’re made in the USA, with a splendid deep sea diving heritage behind them, built to last and backed up by the best customer service you could hope for. My £125 couldn’t have been better spent.

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