Sacramento velodream

Plans for the eventual construction of full-scale velodrome in the Sacramento area have received a boost with the donation of $5,000 from local heart surgeon and Masters track cycling champion Dr Larry Wolff, reports Sam McManis, in The Sacramento Bee.

Velodrome advocate Dean Alleger hopes to head up a non-profit with a view to developing proposals for the construction of the Sacramento area’s first dedicated cycling track destination. Alleger is a local racing enthusiast and bicycle mechanic who has been forced to commute to San Jose in order to practice and compete on a velodrome. His vision for a Sacramento track involves a public-private partnership with grass-roots support from area cyclists.

“I don’t want to go to the city or go to grant writing or go to any corporations (to solicit donations) without the backing of all our people.”

Alleger envisions an outdoor track located in one of the area’s existing parks, with a 250m banked concrete surface. Various sites have been proposed, including spaces in Granite Bay, Natomas, and even Sutter’s Landing Park, in the north midtown neighborhood of River Park.

It is a long-term plan, but meanwhile, Alleger hopes to encourage young cyclists to consider track cycling as a serious athletic option:

“I’m trying to get a dozen kids track bikes and start a program for 10 to 12 year-olds on the bikes on playgrounds; just expose them to that kind of riding.”

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