Strava iPhone Beta App – Overview

I was recently selected for doing some beta testing for Strava’s upcoming iPhone app, aptly named, Strava. So naturally, I wanted to share right away what it looks like and some of its initial features, with Strava’s permission of course…

The app is super simple to use, you can see you can lock the screen via the button in the upper right and starting the app is the large blue play button. Once your ride is complete you press the blue pause button(overlayed on the blue play button while riding) and it will ask if you want to resume, discard or cancel. If you select discard, it will ask you one more time, I like this, as I have accidentally deleted rides. When you complete your ride, the app automatically syncs to, very nice feature. On the bottom you can select Rides or Settings. When selecting Rides you are presented with your all of your rides nicely summarized, see below, showing ride name, date, distance and time of ride.

Selecting a specific ride gives you a well layed out summary. As you can see below. From there you can access the tracking and map of your ride, which is simply a map overlay. As well, selecting Climbs, presents you your data on any prexisting climbs, similar to  what is on your account.

By selecting Settings from the main screen, you have some basic settings for version one. You can select your unit of measurement (Standard or Metric)  and About just provides the version number of the app. It would be great to build this out to include weight of rider and a few social options.

I’m looking forward to fully testing out strava’s app and will do a complete review once the app is released to the public. So check back for it and in the meantime, if you don’t already, sign-up of for a strava account. They offer a limited (five uploads a month) free account and of course a priced unlimited account.

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