Xpedo MTB XMFO8TT Pedals – Review

Xpedo is a new brand name that has been around longer than you might think. It is the creation from the pedal manufacturer Wellgo and their mission is “to develop the finest high performance pedals in the world”.


The pedals Xpedo sent don’t have a flashy name, XMF08TT, but what you get, is something special. Weighing in at a stated 210 grams a pair, these titanium pedals are featherweights in their class, while comparable titanium pedals from other companies see a slightly lighter weight, 20-50 grams lighter, but overall are priced much less. The pedals body and spindle are made from titanium and there is a chromoly spindle version available, XMF08TC, with an added weight difference of 45 grams. The key point to consider in whether to purchase the different spindle beyond pedal weight and cost, is your weight. The titanium spindle version has a maximum weight limit of 185 pounds or 85 kg.

The XFO8TT gets an upgrade from the previous years model, the MF-1A, which had two DU Bushings. Wait… here Kurt goes again with his tech garble. Okay, I can help, thanks to MBAction for the definition…

It is a steel strip that is coated with sintered bronze particles and then impregnated with a slippery Teflon mixture.

This year the pedal has three cartridge bearings which will not only make it rotate smoother, but will help the spindle to last much longer and have to be serviced less. Keeping the dust out is a rubber seal, which brings my only qualm with the pedals. The rubber seal slides slightly out which could allow moisture and dirt to enter the bearings. I have to occasionally slide the seal back into its seat after a ride. Installing the pedal into the crankarm is accomplished by a 6mm allen key.


The cleats of the pedal are SPD compatible and are adjustable side to side and front to back. The cleat offers six degree of float, which was comfortable and felt secure. Release is fully adjustable on both sides of pedal all done through a 3mm allen key. You’ll notice sixteen steps while adjusting the tension, making it simple and easy to match on both sides of the pedal. Clipping in and out, isn’t forced but smooth and I haven’t had issues with accidental clips out forced by rock hits. The pedals clean easily, mud sheds fairly easily and can take a beating out on the trail.

The Xpedo line is becoming more available here in the states and online. With a price tag of about $300, you are getting a pair of strong and light pedals with features and weight,  that of a pedal priced over $100 more. In regards to servicing Xpedo handles their warranty through their Culver City, California office. Aside from the rubber seal issue, I’ve been impressed by what the pedal has to offer and I am looking forward to more great things from Xpedo.

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