POW Gloves Hypervent | Review

POW Gloves got their start in 2002 by Dustin Goss and cover not only the cycling arena but snow sports and golf as well. With a focus strictly in hand wear, POW is growing rapidly from their HQ in Seattle, Washington.

POW sent over their 2011 Hypervent full-fingered mountain bike gloves for a good old fashion talkingtreads review.


The Hypervents come in two finger lengths, short and of course, full-fingered. The gloves are made from a Polyester blend on the back and the palm is mesh combined with Clarino. Clarino, is a synthetic leather like fabric and offers resistance to tearing, is very flexible and most important, it easy to care for. Throw them in the wash with your kit and sit back with no worries. The pads on the palm are 2mm thick so they feel just right between you and your grips. I for one do not like a lot of bulk so I was happy to see this. While riding there is a very slight movement of the pads as the mesh on the palm is lightweight, however, this wasn’t a deal breaker due to it didn’t bunch up or cause any blistering. The mesh is an added benefit as the temps begin to climb; your hands stay cool and dry. Each finger of the glove is Clarino with rubberized grip on the pointer and middle finger which connected well with the brake levers and especially on rainy days. You’ll note that the glove has no hook and loop straps. The gloves slide on and stay semi-snug around your wrist. I didn’t find them moving around at all.


The backhand of the glove is tear resistant polyester and breathes really well. The thumb has a softer blend for the always present nose wiping or glass cleaning. The overall fit of the glove is right on so check out their sizing chart before purchasing. I have fortunately/unfortunately crashed a few times while under review and the gloves held up very well and did not tear. I would recommend these gloves and at $30, that’s a great price, as well they work great for the chilly rides on the road bike where it’s too cold for fingerless but not cold enough for winter gloves.

  1. #1 by Chris on June 10, 2011 - 2:43 am

    I hope we get these soon over in Germany! It is not very easy to get pow gloves sometimes as the american market sucks up most of them before they get into export :)

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