Bike Repair App | Review

If you like to tackle most of your bike repairs and save the complex ones for your LBS, Bike Repair App from Atomic Software might be just what you need. Available for iPhone, iPad as an HD version for $2.99 and also available for Android phones for $2.10. The app is fair priced as to what you receive and what is comparable for twice as much. This review focus’s on the iPhone version which is comparable to iPad.


With a simple interface, the app will walk you through your repair even if you’re unsure what needs to be fixed but know the part or if you know what needs to be fixed, just unsure how. If you know roughly what part is giving you greif, you can select Problems, select what part and then the app presents some simple troubleshooting questions. Then it walks you through how to remedy the problem. This is a great and simple way to troubleshoot. I would have liked to see a search function or if the troubleshooting questions were all in one place as would make another option for the user to find a similar troubleshooting question they are experiencing. Some bike problems aren’t easy to tell the location, so you will need to do your best to isolate it down to what part or at least area of the bike and peruse the parts on the app for your fix.


If you know what part is out of alignment, needs some TLC or just want to know what it does. Selecting Parts from the menu, then the part, like Rear Derailleur,  it will then point out what adjustments, cleaning or fixes are related. I find this a great way to learn more about your bike if you don’t know already.


Regardless of which repair option you have selected, Problems or Parts, you are walked step by step through detailed pictures and instructions. I found the pictures to be great and instructions well written. If the issue or repair is to complex or requires special tools, the app suggests a visit to your LBS. You’ll note Messages and Information as a menu option. Messages are quick tips or announcements  from the company and Information houses the app rating, social media, which you can share your feelings of the app and finally some friends of the company worth a visit. Great app, perfect for the toolbox of the up and coming self bike mechanic.


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