By Bike | Week 13 (Miles 1084-1149)

It’s difficult to go out of town and leave the bike behind, more so when you’re on the way to a place that almost demands a bike ride. And so, it was with some sadness that, after a nice few days of warmish, dampish commutes, I drove to work on Friday and left Eva in the garage.

You know when you want to go for a ride and can’t and suddenly see bikes everywhere? And even though it’s windy and rainy and cold, you’re jealous? Yeah, that.

The tables turned by Easter weekend when other family met us in Carmel and, many of them having driven a couple of hours to get there, started off the morning complaining about gas prices. Now, gas prices affect me too. My wife drives our two kids to and from places all week long. In fact, she had only just recently complained that it was costing her too much to get the kids to and from the places they go to and from (keep in mind, my kids are both under 3 so we all understand this going to and from is only going to get worse). But, I realized as gas prices were discussed first thing Easter morning that I actually had no idea what the average price near my house was.

Ignorance can be bliss.

Today, I’m back in saddle, riding to work, trying not to spend my entire commute calculating how much money I’m saving.

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