Twin Six – Motor Jersey | Review

When James Ward Packard purchased a Winton automobile in the late 19th century he did what many of us do when we’re unhappy with a product; he wrote a complaint letter. When Alexander Winton responded by challenging Packard to make his own car, Packard took things a step further than most of us would and did. Creating, with his brother, his own automobile company and inventing the first twin six engine. When Ryan Carlson and Brent Gale couldn’t find the exact cycling gear they wanted, they followed James Packard’s lead and made their own. They named their company Twin Six.

T6-Motor-FrontTwin Six makes apparel for both men and women including jersey’s, bibs, T-shirts and socks. Twin Six sent us the Motor jersey, in green, for our review. The Motor jersey is one of the technical jersey’s Twin Six offers – it’s also available as part of the Dark apparel line (a limited edition, underground line with a black theme).

Twin Six jersey’s are typically redesigned annually, this is to keep designs fresh and maintain the statements of style, identity and self. Twin Six works with a private label manufacturer to produce the jersey’s here in the USA. They are of 100% soft Polyester micro-fiber fabric and designs are sublimated, this means the ink goes from solid to gaseous state, which impregnates the jersey fiber with ink, making it more durable. Bringing the jersey together is a sixteen inch invisible zipper up to square collars and outfitted in raglan sleeves. The Motor has you set to store your goods in the three pockets on your back.
T6-Motor-Back The Motor jersey is well designed and constructed. The jersey gives you at least 50 more watts or 3-5 horsepower, okay it doesn’t, but it sure appears to. The seams are smooth and no tag annoyance! The fit is a cross between a Euro cut and an American cut, which I would agree is great for going from the road bike on to your mountain bike. As your jersey fit is based on personal preference, Twin Six recommends that if you like your jersey to fit tighter, select the same size as you wear your T-Shirt. If you like the fit to be with a bit more space, order one size up. Based on my preference and my size, the sizing chart was spot on.

The pockets hold items well and haven’t snagged or tore. I bring along my iPhone for tracking my rides and it stays put. Other jersey’s I have my iPhone and other items move around while riding and it drives me crazy, the Motor does not. Hidden inside of the middle pocket or your “hood” is where you’ll find your V12 (Twin Six) providing all that extra power.

The zipper is great and has held up to months of testing, it is border line on ease though, as sometimes it takes two hands to unzip.

At $75 this is a great all around jersey. The design, fit and shear coolness factor of Twin Six, it has my vote. While you order your own jersey, pickup its matching bib and socks.

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