(less than) half the battle

This morning I was chatting with Sam about the proposed 3-feet-to-pass law in California and how it always feels like the onus of road safety for cylsits is almost always on the cyclist (the 3-feet-to-pass law address this to some extent) and almost seconds later I read the following:

In 2007, the state Department of Transportation teamed up with Sussex Cyclists and police agencies to set up bike checkpoints to inform cyclists about laws, safety and make sure the bike is in working order. This year, DelDOT has planned about 15 bicycle checkpoints.

Now, I’m all for educating cyclists on how to ride safely – especially if many of the cyclists are minors and, perhaps, just need a nudge in the right direction – but when was the last time you saw a check point for drivers educating them about how to drive safely?

  1. #1 by hnielson on June 19, 2011 - 9:14 am

    Very good observation!!

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