Walz Caps | Review

When Walz Caps sent me a few of their caps to review I was looking forward to the opportunity to expand my cycling cap collection. The package arrived while I was at my day-job and when I got home I had to find away to get the caps from my two-year-old.

Walz Caps offers three different caps styles – four-panel, a three-panel, and earflap – in three fabric types – cotton blend, moisture wicking, and wool. They sent one of each: three-panel cotton blend, four-panel moisture wicking, and wool earflap. All three caps were of the highest quality, durable and comfortable. All three fit nicely under my helmet and offer a bill that’s long enough to shade the eyes and short enough to allow for visibility.

I’m going start with the wool cap. I’ll be brief about it since I’m pretty sure you’re not all about to rush out and buy a wool cap with earflaps just as summer (finally) hits. Rather than a straight earflap that’s like an extension of the cap itself, the Walz Caps earflap is loose bit of wool with an elastic band to hold the earflap in place. While this leads to a slightly less streamline cap – the earflaps mushroom out a bit, under the ears and down at the base of your head – the benefit is that it’s easy to tuck the ears in and protect them from the cold – no cold earlobes.

I’ve worn the wool earflap more times than I can count and washed it – more than a couple of times, against the care instructions – on delicate in our washing machine and the cap still looks new. The wool does what you expect. It’s comfortable, it keeps the head warm and, even in the rain, dry.

While the wool cap was my go-to morning cap it was pretty clear, even as the caps came out of the box that the red and black, three-panel cotton cap was going to be my everyday work horse. The cap is made of a durable cotton blend and the black stripe down the center gave it a classic and stylish look. Even as the weather slowly started to turn I’d wear my wool cap in the morning and pack the cotton cap in the bag for the ride home.

Where the cap with earflap looks, at least a little, silly when not on the bike, the cotton cap is stylish enough that I’ve worn it at the park with the kids, at the beach, out shopping, at coffee…basically, I’d wear it just about anywhere I’d wear a regular cap.

So, I need to be honest here, it’s just barely warm here – unusual for this time of year in Sacramento – so I haven’t had as much opportunity to wear the light weight moisture wicking cap. In the few times I’ve worn it, around the house and on the bike, I’ve noticed the same things about fit and comfort. At this point I can’t say for certain the moisture wicking fabric is going to hold up as well to everyday abuse as the other two caps, but I will say that I have no reason to believe it won’t.

These are fantastic caps and now that I’ve been using them so regularly, it’s pretty much impossible for me to imagine not having them. The two caps that I wear regularly have held up well to everyday abuse and I’ve not noticed any significant wear. If I were you I’d order a few, just in case a two-year-old intercepts your shipment too.


  1. #1 by hnielson on June 19, 2011 - 9:28 am

    I’m sold!! Thanks for the write-up

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