Genuine Innovations Mountain Pipe & Legend Pumps | Review

Got air? Genuine Innovations has you covered with the perfect on and off the bike pump products. It all began from a simple idea in 1986 to create a controllable CO2 inflator for bicycles, they helped GT Bicycles and even Reebok for their “Pump” line, they grew from there. For our review they sent over their Mountain Pipe pump and Top Dog floor pump.


The Mountain Pipe is the perfect addition to your cycling tools. Weighing in at 115 grams it is light, so not only do I use it on the trails, but it is a perfect fit for the road as well. Built of alloy with brass internals it has held up well to being tossed, dropped and stepped on. Length of the Mountain Pipe is about 8 1/2 inches so it packs well of course in a pack but equally as well in a jersey pocket.The hand pump works well if you have time to manually pump up your tire, one note however, it is a “backup” pump, which I find is nice to have over just relying on CO2, but it will take a bit of time to fill the tire. I’m of the belief if it is hot, I’m tired, loosing sunlight or just late getting back, I reach for the CO2, otherwise I’ll go for the pump. Your CO2 cartridge stores nicely in the handle and it even has a little area for patches or other small items. The Mountain pipe fits Presta valves right out of the box, but also includes a Schrader fitting.
GI-Mountain-Pipe-nozzleRemoving the stored CO2 cartridge from the handle and twisting it into the top, you are ready to fill your tire. Pressing the fitting to your valve and then continue twisting the CO2 cartridge fills your tire quickly, twisting the cartridge the opposite direction slows and/or stops the flow of CO2. Once complete, you can put the dust caps back and stow the empty cartridge back in the handle. In the review I had a few flats and was glad to have the Mountain Pipe with me. I found it really easy to use and stores nicely. My only qualm with it is the dust cap on the cartridge portion doesn’t like to stay in very well, minor detail and not a deal breaker. The MSRP for the pump is $39.99, sure you can find some CO2 and hand pump combo’s slightly cheaper, but you get what you pay for.
GI-Floor-PumpThe Legend floor pump has clean sleek lines, a brushed aluminum finish and it even pumps tires. With it’s sturdy steel base the pump holds up well and it’s 26″ height gives quick and ample fills to your tire. The movement of the pump is smooth and with the 50″ hose it is easy to fit to your tire valve in any location even on a trunk/hitch rack. The handle is comfortable to grip. When not in use the pump head stows away and keeps the hose under control. I did find the hose to stretch a bit so be careful to not pull on the hose section roughly.
GI-Floor-Pump-GaugeThe location of the gauge is a plus, right at the handle, and paired with the well marked air pressure markings it very easy to read. The dial has a marked bezel so if you need help remembering your favorite air pressure, they’ve got you covered. The gauge is spring controlled so in heavy pumping the gauge will go above the actual pressure, but will return to actual pressure quickly once pumping has stopped. This is typical for these type of gauges.

The pump head is universal for both Presta and Schrader applications so rest assured you not having to switch out a fitting. I found pressing firmly down on the Presta valve then lifting the lock latch made for a perfect seal for filling the tires. The one thing that you have to be careful is when opening the latch once your tire is filled. It pops back and hits the knuckles and can hurt, it would be great to see if hose pressure could be by-passed some way to soften the blow of the latch.

The Legend is a great off the bike pump, pumps very well, looks great and at $69.99 is well priced for what it offers. The pump is built to last and will provide years of service.

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