Traffic laws, what traffic laws?

My commute is usually pretty uneventful.  I’m hoping it will stay that way but for some reason drivers are really being stupider than usual lately.  Maybe it’s back to school mania or delayed shock to the debt limit crises, I don’t know…

First problem was the Jetta that almost ran over me and my four year old as we rode our bikes in the cross-walk to her preschool.  It’s one of those cross-walks with the big neon yellow sign glued to the middle of the road.  You can’t miss it.  Unless you really try hard… or maybe you’re blind.. or maybe you can’t read.

Oh well.   Dropped of my daughter at school and started riding to work in Palo Alto.  I was waiting at a stoplight with a couple cars.  Light turned green and we started to go.  Some lady in a mercedes SUV came in from the left completly blowing through the red light.  This wasn’t one of those attemps to make it through on the yellow, she actually didn’t seem to notice the color of the light.  The best part about it: she laid on the horn because she was upset that we were in here way!  So sorry your highness…  won’t happen again.

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