Interbike 2011 Day 1

I’ve been to interbike twice before.  The first time, was all about the person I was with and pure eye-candy; though it provided me with an ‘appetizer’ of what power interbike held for the ‘in-the-know’ individual.  This year, I came fully prepared to attack interbike like a move in the last lap of a criterium. Business cards, brochures, reserved meetings, seminars, flyers, possible face-to-face interview for potential sales rep jobs, sponsorship responsibilities as a teammate for 2012; and of course, friends from Utah and tweeps I’d never met but had been friends with…..FOREVER (virtually speaking of course.)  I had a blast driving from Reno to Vegas with Rick Tillery (@ricktillery) getting to know each other, telling stories, waiting for construction to take place, watching the scenery, stopping at the odd desert town for gas and food and then………….the exclusive 30 year anniversary Interbike Party at the Lavo night club to meet the original 7-11 team and a chance to get a book signed by them.  We succeeded of course and thus began adventure of Interbike 2011!

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