Countdown to #LeviGF, 5 Days

Even the best plans laid plans…

This weekend Sam and I were going to head out for a 65 mile jaunt. It didn’t happen. Instead we rode 15 miles and drank beers. On Sunday, I went out alone and dragged myself up as many hills as possible.

A couple of weeks ago I set aside time to replace my chain, adjust my cables give the drivetrain a thorough cleaning – all in hopes of avoiding an additional expenditure I couldn’t really afford. Everything went well except that this morning I rode to work and found that my bottom bracket – I think – is making a wonderful creaking noise. So, a little later I’ll call around and see if someone doesn’t have time to give it an overhaul (or replace it) before Friday. The lesson we should all take from this is: never let me work on your bike.

Also, I shouldn’t write things like, “at least the bike’s ready.”


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