Lahaina bike Town

I’m here in Maui on a completely bike free vacation but that doesn’t mean bikes aren’t on my mind. Apart from that pang of jealousy I get each time I see some lucky guy out riding the West Maui Loop.

In general, Maui, despite the fact that most locals seem to drive monster trucks, seems to be a nice little bike community. Bike lanes are well marked and wide enough for safe passing. Buses come with bike racks in the front. And, people seem to be riding bikes. But anyone who has spent even a little time in Lahaina Town can tell you that it’s a bike town.

[Insert gratuitous sunset photo with almost visible bike in foreground.]


Even with narrow roads, heavy tourist traffic Front street is littered with bike racks that look like this (though, not all of them have a bike with 4 foot high “chopper” bars):


I don’t spend enough time here to know exactly the reason cycling is such big part of the culture. I suspect it has to do with gas prices, a low speed limit (20 mph In town), and fantastic weather.

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