Zixtro Wing Case | Review


Zixtro Wing Case is very simple saddle case to attach and remove. It easily attaches to your saddle rails and the case can be quickly disconnected from the mount for taking with you into the cafe, store or work. Alt-Gear sent over the case for our review.

Constructed of durable plastic this case can take a beating on and off the bike without the worry of breaking and is also light weight. With a weather resistant Velcro closure your goods are kept dry and out of the elements. Overall capacity of the case will put you at about 24 cubic inches and fits a tube, tire lever, patch kit and ID/credit card and a CO2 canister with nozzle.

I found the closure to work well with the occasional bumpy roads while carry aforementioned goods. Upon opening the case you notice a pocket to hold your items well so they don’t all fall out when you need them. Mounts worked well and stay locked in place without sliding held by the quick release Z-locks.

The Zixtro Wing Case is a great case whether you are a mountain or road biker. At $19, this case is priced accordingly and won’t break your wallet. I would like to see an additional pocket for the top section of the case so as to be able to store your ID or cards, thereby separating your “wallet” items from your “bike” items.


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