Bikase | Review


Bikase is a universal smartphone or mp3 pouch that attaches to your bike to allow you to listen to tunes, track your rides, or keep on eye on your social media efforts, all by keeping your device safe and dry. Alt-Gear sent over the case for our review.

Constructed of neoprene, your phone or mp3 player will avoid scratches and dings. Easy access is provided by a zipper at the top side of the case and can be opened slightly for headphones. The clear screen cover allows you to still control your iPhone or Droid with swipes and touch. Attaching to your bike is done by velcro neoprene straps which you can mount either horizontally or vertically (handlebar or stem, for example).
I am one that always has my iPhone with me. Whether it is using it for logging the miles with Strava or for the occasional cycling tweet. I toss it in my jersey pocket and check on it through-out my ride to make sure it hasn’t slid out. For me, having the iPhone mounted to the bars can be bulky, so if I’m on the trainer, I’ll mount it, otherwise I put it in the jersey pocket and with the neoprene grip of the case, I know it isn’t going anywhere. The case fits your iPhone even with a protective case, as opposed to other smartphone mounts where you have to remove the protective case to mount. Cost of the Bikase will set you back only about $24, which is a great price.

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