Dirty Dog Designer MTB Rotors | Review


Dirty Dog MTB is a California based company bringing “Made in the USA” rotors to your mountain bike. They sent a set over for review.

Dirty Dog MTB rotors come in all popular rotor sizes, 160mm, 185mm, & 203mm with a thickness of 0.070″ and weights ranging from 147 g to 248 g, depending on size. Since they utilize the popular sizes they are compatible with major caliper manufactures, but always check the specs for your caliper before ordering. These are laser cut from stainless steel and come in several different designs, Dragon, Gecko, Skull, Ace of Spades, Spider Web and Bone Burner. The designs are look great and are well cut with plenty of braking surface. Burn is of course required as with any new disc brake set, so after a few go and stops, you are on your way. How do they stop? Very well!

If you are looking to set your ride apart from your friends and looking for easy upgrade, these rotors fit the bill with prices ranging from $69 to $80, depending on size, but searching the internet you can find some great deals. Even with the designs choices already available, it would be great to see a few more options.

  1. Dirty Dog MTB changes name to Moment Industries « Talking Treads

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