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How do you write a review for something you hope never to use as intended? I mean, I can give you all the details about the bracelets and the ordering process and the laser engraving, but let’s face it, nobody orders a RoadID because it’s the cool new trend, it’s not a Power Balance Bracelet, it actually serves a purpose, one that we never want to test.

It’s a little bit like your insurance company, you hope it works well, but would be happy never to find out.

With a few promo codes sent by the folks at RoadID, the Tread Heads ordered a Wrist ID Sport (Sam), Wrist ID Elite (Kurt), and Wrist ID Slim (Michael). Here’s the rundown:

Wrist ID Sport ($19.99): Basically a nylon strap with RoadID tag and Velcro closure, is probably the most durable of the three we tested. According to Sam (this is the only style of the three we’ve tested that I’ve never worn) it’s more comfortable than it looks and it has the added advantage of being easily identifiable to any medical personnel that might need the information. Available in six colors and supports up to six lines of text.

Wrist ID Elite ($29.99): A little more expensive and a lot more stylish. For $10 more than the sport you get a band made from “Fashionable Rubberized Compound” (think sports watch band) with metal clasp. The elite is comfortable and easy to size. The watch-like clasp makes putting it on and off a breeze. Our only complaint was the slight rattle in the clasp when riding on rough roads and the tendency for grime (sunscreen, dirt, soap scum, etc) to build up on the clasp. That said, when asked what he would change, Kurt suggested adding a bottle opener. Available in eight colors and supports up to six lines of text.

Wrist ID Slim ($15.99): In my humble opinion, the best of the three. Basically, a high quality Livestrong bracelet (far more durable, however) with a smaller stainless steel ID tag. More stylish (in that it’s less obvious) and more comfortable than the Elite, the Slim is designed for people, like me, who, either, can’t be bothered to take it off or have trouble hiding the inevitable tan-lines that came free with every Wrist ID (somewhere around here there’s a photo of my mid-summer RoadID tan-line…). Of course, the tradeoff for the small design is that, perhaps, it’s less likely to be noticed by medical professional. Available in seven colors and supports up to six lines of text.

All three IDs come with laser engraved stainless steel tags that can be customized with whatever information you think might be helpful in the event of an emergency. Choosing who or what to put can be daunting and the limited amount of space makes it likely you’ll offend the person you didn’t choose to include. Mine looks something like this:


Kurt drops the organ donor and blood type info and includes a home phone number (because he thinks it’s 2003 and still has a landline), drug allergies, and an inspirational quote. Sam has included me on his list of contacts, which is only a little silly because we ride together so often – or, that’s what I tell him so his feelings aren’t hurt. But, don’t fret, the RoadID website also offers examples and suggestions for how to abbreviate things so you can fit as much as possible in the small space.

If you’ve got a long medical history or your emergency contact keeps changing his/her phone number, you can also get an “Interactive” RoadID which has your name and a phone number/url for medical personnel to call/access in the event of an emergency. The pin # printed on the back of the tag will give emergency responders access to the information you’ve uploaded to your Emergency Response Profile. The first year is free with purchase of a new RoadID, each additional year is $9.99.

I’ve had my RoadID for…a long time and ridden over 3000 miles with it. Except for a few minutes here or there, it’s been on my wrist 24 hours a day. It has been exposed to heat, cold, sand, salt water, chlorinated water, soap, grease, yard work… The bracelet itself still looks new but, most importantly, the laser engraving is still as clear and easy to read as the day I took it out of the box (I’d take a photo, but then you might call my wife and talk her ear off about how awesome I am and she gets enough of that from me).


  1. #1 by Paul on January 25, 2012 - 9:00 pm

    Nice piece! I bought the slim id for both of my sons (10/14) for a Christmas gift. My older son promptly took the plate off the red band I picked out for him and slipped it on his Livestrong band to make it “cool” They wear it around our neighborhood and give me a little comfort when they are taking that leap to riding solo.

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