Rudy Project Hypermask Sunglasses | Review

Rudy Project has brought to the sport eyewear scene sunglasses that are not only impressively light weight but also very durable and good looking. I introduce the new for 2012, Hypermask. Rudy Project wanted us to see what the Hypermask touted and sent over a pair in the Frozen Ash frame with Multi-Laser Red lens.

The Hypermask first and foremost are light, weighing in at a stated 28 grams. Even with being light, the Hypermask do not sacrifice durability.  The ear pieces are firm, not flimsy and hold well against the head with the grip on the ear piece tips. Hinges of the Hypermask are covered so as to protect you injury in the event of impact during a crash.  Fitting of the glasses are comfortable and not tight and sit well on your ears and nose. Frame are available in three choices, Frozen Ash, a transparent grey, black gloss and cystal, transparent clear.

The nose piece is adjustable to adapt to different nose placement. This is one area I would like to see improved. The nose piece actually moves too easily, a simple slip while wiping your glasses could push it out of place. Sure, it easily moved back to where you prefer, but can be a slight nuisance.

Lenses are replaceable, with four to choose from, one being smoke and three Multi-Laser (red, purple and green). The smoke  lens has 22% light transmission and the Multi-Laser, slightly darker at 21% light transmission. For the Multi-Laser lens the reflective coating is well muted, but can scratch easily so do take care. But rest assured, Rudy Project has an lifetime replacement guarantee, in which you scratch them, they will replace for a nominal shipping and handling fee.


The Hypermask’s are a great pair of light weight sunglasses. I did find that I would once in awhile push the glasses back up, a better working nose piece would solve this. I appreciated the lack of weight though, you do seriously forget you are wearing them. I found the glasses to have great protection from the sun, as well, great airflow to avoid fogging on those cold, crisp air rides. Included with the glasses are a hard and soft case and will cost you $204.99 for the Multi-Laser and $179.99 for the smoke, paired with Rudy Project quality and lens replacement guarantee, they will last for years to come.

  1. #1 by Allwen Pascoe on February 16, 2012 - 4:54 pm

    Great post with good information.

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