Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates

During the last year that I’ve been unemployed lucky enough to pursue my dreams, not only have I been able to train and race the way a proper ‘wannabepro’ should, but I’ve also been coaching athletes as a USA Cycling Certified Coach.  I absolutely love working with people to reach their goals whether they’re competitive or not.  As I’ve pursued these passions, I’ve been surprised with other opportunities that have come my way.  I’ve always enjoyed writing (obviously, I’ve been posting here for awhile as well as on my own website) and advocating the bicycle using the written word seems to also fit my bag of tricks.  A few months ago, I started writing regularly for Dean Alleger and the Sacramento Valley Velodrome Campaign. I met a member of the Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates while at the NAHBS and we talked about the possibility of me writing for them as well as a freelance journalist.  I started yesterday and I’m loving every minute.  It’s flexible and fits with everything else I do as a cyclist, bike racer, coach and advocate of the bike and the sport in general.  One of my most recent findings in doing my research was the Bicycle Parking Guidelines developed by Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals.  I loved that!  I wanna be part of that…

I would ride to work if there was a safe place to lock my bike.

Working on it. Stay tuned!

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