Twisted Bib Shorts!

It’s bike month and we’ve not even made a single post. What is wrong with us?

The good news is we (at least some of us) are still riding our bikes and stuff. The bad news is that our real jobs of been occupying way too much of our time. But I’m resolved now to get on here and post something a couple of times a week. So, you know, keep checking back.

When I was young and attending a Catholic high school swearing was frowned down upon by the deans (so was walking around with an untucked shirt) and I came up with the idea of replacing the “uck” with “unny papers.” It seemed incredibly clever at the time and nobody seemed to question it when something happened and I said, “oh, funny papers.” Then I went to college and started using the “uck” part again.

Now that I have small children who tend to repeat everything I say, I try to avoid that nasty word again. And I do, mostly. Happily, while getting dressed to head home the other day I stumbled upon an incredible alternative to swearing that also captures my exact sentiment. I stepped into my bib shorts, pulled them up and realized the bib was all twisted. “Oh, twisted bib shorts.”


So, when I tried to remove the pedals from my wife’s bike and broke the wrench (yes, I was turning it the right way) I yelled, “TWISTED BIB SHORTS!”

Of course, now my kids are going to have to explain Lycra to their friends.

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