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Stop Motion Bike Build

Stop motion video created by the folks at a new mountain bike blog, very well done!


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I’m going to let the majority of this post be about the pictures.  I am an artist and a cyclist and this show may replace that special place in my heart that Interbike has held for several years now.  What can I say, I’m non-committal.  It was absolute sensory overload (just like Interbike is) but with the added atmosphere that an upscale art gallery has.  I was, to put it simply, in bike art heaven.  I had promised that I would help out Dean Alleger at his booth for the Sacramento Valley Velodrome so I attempted to see as many booths as I could in 20 minutes flat.  I think I was actually gone 30 minutes.  At any rate, please enjoy the following bikeprOn:

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NAHBS this weekend

Friday, March 2nd is the first day of the annual North American Handmade Bike Show, which is being held in Sacramento for the first time this year. The exhibition brings cycling manufacturers and enthusiasts together for three days of events showcasing the finest handmade bicycles in the world.

Every year since 2005, NAHBS has assembled industry pioneers and innovators in a succession of cycling-friendly cities for the event, which has grown in attendance by 10% each year. This year, 172 individual exhibitors will spread out across the Convention Center in anticipation of several thousand attendees. Last year, the show attracted more than 7,300 industry enthusiasts.

In addition to the vendors’ booths, the show features seminars on a range of topics from framebuilding and engineering, innovation in bike frame materials, custom design and the business of marketing small-production high-end frames.

NAHBS predicts new trends in bike building for 2012, including a surge in the use of modern stainless steel, which is gaining popularity as a lightweight and strong alternative to traditional steel frames. Also, after several years of high-profile road-bikes dominating the national consciousness, mountain-bikes and city-bikes will this year form the majority of the total bike categories represented.

Running concurrently with NAHBS is the local ArtBike! community arts initiative, which will be promoting cycling-related film and culture in Sacramento. Hosts include the ever-reliable midtown restaurant Hot Italian (creators of the Savage Sprints), and a tie-in with Sacramento Beer Week, which is currently in progress.

NAHBS kicks-off on Friday with an industry-exclusive morning, followed by regular admission until 6pm. Awards take place on Sunday at 3pm at the stage area of Hall B & C. Pre-registration is available from the website, and tickets will also be available onsite.

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Bike Art

Last night I finished my first ‘used bike part’ art project.  Of course, I blogged about it here.  Truth be told, I started ‘working’ on that project well over a year ago.  I don’t know why, but I had a hard time getting the guts to finish it; mostly because I’ve never worked with that medium before.  I’ve mostly done portraits and other drawings using colored pencil, charcoal & pastel.  I have all sorts of ideas including art, writing & business related.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) for some of you who follow me on Twitter, the creative nature of my brain can be quite evident in my somewhat reckless random tweeting.  It’s just the way my brain is messed up wired.  A long time ago, I decided to quit fighting it and learn to turn it into a strength.  It’s still difficult to live with as I can’t stay on task on any one thing for very long (unless of course it’s a 5 hour bike ride).  My tasks and to-do lists are constantly being updated and organized using my new favorite toy tool Evernote.

I get inspiration everywhere but amazingly enough, most of my best ideas come while I’m riding my bike; whether it’s an art project or a new business related idea.  It just doesn’t get any better than that does it?  Some amazing artists who are also cyclists also provide me with a lot of inspiration and I’ve met nearly all of them and would love to meet the rest someday.  They include (in no particular order):

Kollective Fusion

David Gerstein


Kathleen King

Rik Keller photography

Urban Lace jewelry

Vanessa Wilde

At any rate, it would appear that my project idea is quite popular.  I’m now accepting any old/used bike parts as well as ideas from YOU for bike part related art projects.

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Benefits of a Bicycle


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posted from the safety of my car

Last night I had a dream that I was vilified on local news for jaywalking with my daughter. In the dream, my daughter and I appeared on the local news, first waiting to cross a street at a stoplight. On the news, the image was of my daughter and I and apparently came from one of those traffic cameras they use to spy on citizens. The voice over on the TV was about negligent parents. I knew that my family was with us as the news cut to another spy traffic camera of my daughter and I walking, diagonally across an empty street and the legs of my wife, mom and brother just at the edge of the frame. There was a sound of a horn and a squeal of over inflated tires which, I knew, had been added to the video by the news station. The voice over told viewers about the dangers of walking and crossing streets in particular.

This morning I woke up and found this in my Google Reader Feed:

Also, I read this (from an article about a high school student who was killed last Thursday when she was struck by a car walking to a bus stop):

“You really have to wave the flag at the bull, so to speak,” he said, “because drivers are really self-consumed, and it is hard to get them to stop.”

A superstitious person would lock himself in his house for a few weeks and wait for the bad omens to be forgotten. Perhaps, give up walking and cycling all together. Sleep in his car. Because, as we know from all evidence that is available, your car is the safest place you could ever be. I mean that with absolute sincerity.

Really. Using my advanced graphing skills, I’ve drawn a bar graph* of my own to demonstrate:

As you can see, cars are not dangerous at all which is why it makes sense to compare walking on a public street to the safest and most sane of all sports: bull fighting.

*Information based entirely on the data above making many assumptions about the data that are probably inaccurate and shortsighted.

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Bike Art.

“Ai Weiwei’s most recent work, Forever Bicycles, installs 1,200 bicycles–some hanging from the ceiling, some standing upright on the floor–one behind the other. The bikes have no handlebars and no seats and instead use those parts of the frame to extend upward and outward to connect to other wheels and other frames, creating the illusion of a labyrinth-like space in a three-dimensional area.”

I can’t help thinking they’d be better off being ridden. But it does look cool.


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I’d love for my next bike to be a Firefly.

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Urban Tree to Bicycle

Masterworks Woodworking in San Jose, CA, salvage condemned city trees, then build beautiful bicycles out of them. Read more here from Spots Unknown.

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Need more Cycletrope

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