Rudy Project Sterling Helmet | Review

If you been watching any of the 2011 AMGEN Tour of California you might have seen Team Liquigas-Cannondale riding with some bright yellow helmets. These are none other than the Rudy Project Sterling in  Le Fluo – Yellow / Blue. Rudy Project sent us a version for our own review and testing.
Ruby-Project-Helmet-front The Sterling comes in two sizes Small/Medium (21.25 -22.8 inches) and Large (22.8 -24.4 inches) and offer eight color options to choose from. There are three Le Fluo (fluorescent) and five standard colors. Weight of the Sterling is 12 oz for Small/Medium and 13 oz. for the Large. 18 vents will keep your head cool and a mesh bug stop to keep those pesky critters at bay. Vents are designed well, not only providing excellent air flow, but holding on to your sunglasses, securely. Included with Sterling is a great helmet bag, a visor and extra pads as well.
The Sterling utilizes the new RSR7 retention system which allows for easy adjustments on and off the bike and provides you with the best fit possible all with a turn of dial. I found this to be great right away on  rides, easy to turn and was quick, no fumbling at all. The straps are of a softer material and don’t cause irritation under the chin.

I am a tall rider and so, I have a large noggin. Finding a helmet that not only fits, but looks good is quite an arduous task and that was all solved with the Sterling. It fits just as it should and is comfortable. I ride out in hilly country roads where it gets hot and have really come to like the bug stop. How many times have you had a bug go right into a vent and stay there until you have to take your helmet off? Also, while I can’t guarantee this, I believe the mesh bug stop blocks a bit of the nasty sun rays beating down on your head.

Lastly, one of the biggest things about the helmet is technically the smallest, its weight. It is very light weight and you almost forget you have it on.


The Sterling Le Fluo versions are about $254 and are worth ever penny, the standard colors are slightly cheaper at $230, but you want to be seen right? The Sterling might not be the helmet for someone on a tight budget or someone just getting into cycling, but saving for it, you will not be let down. I personally wear the Sterling for both road and mountain biking and has been working great over the months during review with no issues.

  1. #1 by andy on December 19, 2011 - 2:23 pm

    i agree. awesome helmet. good looking, comfy, light and nice extras thrown in.

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